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Theatre Glej, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Founded in 1970, Glej Theatre is Slovenia's oldest independent theatre. For over forty years, Glej has been synonymous with fresh, innovative, open and contemporary theatre.

Kryly Halopa Theatre, Belarus

Kryly Halopa Theatre (ex –Free Theatre) is an independent alternative theatre and one of the not numerous alternative theatres in Belarus.

SKVO's Dance Company, Belarus

SKVO’S consists of people with absolutely different external and internal features, characters and profession – everybody had his own way to contemporary dance.

Kryly Halopa Theatre [PHOTOS]

Kryly Halopa Theatre (ex –Free Theatre) is an independent alternative theatre and one of the not numerous alternative theatres in Belarus

First English edition of "Didaskalia", Poland

The first english edition of the "Didaskalia" magazine has just been published.

Black O!Range Dance Theatre, Ukraine

Black O!Range Dance Theatre was established in 2005 by choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov.

Wroclaw Mime Theatre, Poland [PHOTOS]

The current programme of the theatre focuses mainly on the widely understood physical theatre, enriching the pantomime itself with various theatrical conventions.

The European Festivals Association (EFA) releases a publication and film for its jubilee

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the European Festivals Association, the festival network released its jubilee publication and first film entitled "60 Years On: Festivals and...

Call for Applications - The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies, Berlin, Germany

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies is the world’s leading center for the study of cultural diplomacy and is offering educational opportunities in partnership with UNITAR, the Babes-Bolyai...

Motus, Prague - producers of Alfred ve dvoře Theatre

Motus, Prague remains open to independent creators who want to surprise and engage audiences on new levels.

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PRYZBA-fest: Theatre. Ecology. Social art., Belarus

The main questions and theme to discuss during the fest will be: what social art is and should art be social? In this context will be presented deviant Belarusian art and video-presentation of the...

13th Edition of the Visegrad Summer School, Krakow, Poland

The Visegrad Summer School is a two-week training series for young people from the Visegrad Group and Eastern Europe countries, carried out annually in Kraków since 2002.

A call for residencies in Derida Dance Center, Bulgaria

Derida Dance Center in Sofia opens a call for artistic residencies in the field of contemporary dance and performance for 2014.

Open call for: Zpace Workshop #4: Management of cultural project

Oberliht Association in collaboration with Warsztaty Kultury in Lublin, CubicMetre – resources for culture Association in Bucharest and Literature association STAN in Luhansk invites you to take part...

ARTKIOSK: Dan Perjovschi in residency

From the 27th to the 31st of May 2014, Dan Perjovschi will take part in KIOSK residency program in Chisinau, where next to local artists, he will explore, through his drawings, various issues related...

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